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The "neck" or "snout" of soft-shelled clams should show movement.

The meats of fresh-shucked clams, oysters, or mussels should be plump and covered with their liquor.

Finfish and crustaceans are two of the eight key allergens that account for 90% of allergic responses from food.

Since proper cooking and handling will not remove the allergenic properties of the food, it is necessary for consumers to avoid the food of concern.

Note that fillets and steaks should have firm, elastic flesh and a fresh-cut, moist appearance, with no browning around the edges.

Typically scallops are shucked at sea shortly after capture.

Advisories are available from local or state health departments, fisheries agencies, or you can check the EPA Website. Bring enough ice to completely surround the fish and a cooler to keep the ice from melting so that the fish will stay cold until you can get your catch home and stored in the refrigerator.

Use clean drinkable water when rinsing or cleaning your catch and keep all cutting boards, knives and other equipment clean.

Once you’ve made a decision about the type of fish you wish to buy, you will need to assess the quality of fresh seafood that you select. All fresh seafood should be held as near to 32°F as possible, which is maintained by refrigeration and/or ice.

The following information will help you evaluate the quality of the types of seafood available in retail stores.

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