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His recent tour reviews have stated that the singer is trying to shed his One Direction image by singing oldies and giving an interesting take on the boy band classics.

On top of that, he is dating Camille Rowe, a Victoria’s Secret model, who is four years older than he is.

"I love you so so much..." I say, my voice weak it takes effort just to say a single word.

I'm going to be with him, no more time spent apart.

"From now on, wherever I go, you're going to be by my side." Harry mutters, holding my cheeks as he leans in to kiss me passionately.

Harry Styles may only be 23, but it looks like he is maturing quickly.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, this imagine is based off the song from Midnight Memories.

I love this boy and I wasn't going to be parted from him again.He doesn't need his emotional girlfriend to worry about as well. I would cuddle up in bed with you, kiss you everywhere you want me to and make all the hurt and pain go away." He would. When I'm with him, nothing but our love matters and we face problems together.But I've had to face everything on my own recently and it shows just how dependant I am on Harry. My bottom lip quivers and that's when the tears start to fall. Harry please" I begin to walk, clutching harder onto my phone than ever.I'm just glad it's a Saturday and there isn't many people in the office to see what a mess I am.Nothing is said between me and Harry and I can partly hear his heavy breathing on the other end of the line.

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